Music Production Tips for Beginners

By | November 16, 2017

There are many shortcomings in the road to music production. Most of these challenges can be avoided if the beginner has a few music production tips to help them out. Once someone that is new to music production knows the basics, their learning process in this field will be at a higher level than someone who jumps straight in without reading and understanding anything. Here are some helpful tips:

Keep it simple
An excellent piece of music is simple, and it’s layered with simple elements, hence creating a robust and cohesive piece of music. Since you are just a beginner, don’t try anything complicated as this can hinder your learning process. Start out simple, and the complexity of your music production will progress gradually as you keep practicing day in day out.

Always back up the files
Before sitting down and mixing, make sure that you have all your arrangement files, and audio files backed up on something other than your computer. Be it an external drive, memory stick DVD/CD, or online. Anything can happen, such as a hard drive meltdown or a virus infection or something else that can make you lose your life’s work.

Mix in a peaceful environment
You can’t do any of the music production or mix if there is noise around you. Using headphones may not be good as it is distracting. This, however, does not mean that you need extreme silence, even though that would be perfect. Never turn speakers up above a comfortable listening level to counter noise that is interfering with your ability to mix effectively.

Before mixing, listen to a track and write any ideas down
Always listen to a song you are about to mix and write ideas down to give you the mixing direction. The inspiration can come from specific words/vocals or just an idea/feeling you thought up at that moment of listening. It’s always good to have a direction or idea of how you would want the track to go. Don’t just start producing music with no specific direction. It is also good to write these thoughts down to make sure that you don’t forget them.

Practice, Research, Read and Interact
There are many resources out there, be it general music forums or music production forums. Ask people for feedback and tips to learn and motivate yourself. You can become a better music producer because of the competition on such discussions and forums as well as the knowledge that you will gain from other music producers.

In conclusion, do not fall into the trap of thinking that your skills, knowledge or equipment are not good enough. Keep practicing on making better music, and you’ll gradually become the music producer you have always wanted to be, it does not happen overnight. Work hard, and work smart.